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Ask me anything   Submit   i just really love remus/sirius! (and james/lily and johnlock and mormor and dean/cas and loki (<3<3<3) and...)

credit to namida3970 on dA for the icon!

Modern AU where Remus drags the rest of the Marauders to the Les Mis movie (James complains the whole time) because he’s read the brick a million times and considers Enjolras his political and queer inspiration ♥

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i got really tired of tumblr’s negativity but now i’m coming back and it seems like i’ve missed a lot of great stuff :(

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Crying About Maruaders 5ever →


Hey guys so I made a google+ community to easily facilitate our hangouts and ya’ll should all join.

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Posts “about 1D” that I originally made in the Jily tag: 1

Posts about 1D that have been made since then in an attempt to stop irrelevant posts in the tag: like 20


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I feel bad because that was rude but I got angry. I didn’t mean to upset anyone by tagging that but I don’t think I did anything wrong! No one says Ben Barnes isn’t allowed in the Sirius tag. We’re all Potterheads, I don’t see why we have to fight.

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Anonymous asked: Please don't post 1D in the Jily tag xx


Ummmm, I’d agree with you if I’d just posted some One Direction manips  or something and tagged it Jily for no reason, but what I did was post something Jily-related in the Jily tag, basically the same as any other fancast. I’m sorry you don’t like One Direction but that’s really not my problem. Scroll, bitch.

Please fuck off xx

People are acting really brave on anon, but do you want to try with a name attached? ;)

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marauders + regulus at the annual yule ball talent show.

[From left to right in the second one: James, Regulus, Peter, Remus&Sirius <3]

I feel like the Marauders would go out for it every year(/be the ones who started it in the first place) and sixth year Sirius would force Regulus to do it with them hoping it would save their relationship after he ran away. He’d spend every rehearsal sort of keeping his distance from Remus to avoid giving them away to Regulus (the other Marauders knew, of course), but when he realized how he’d hurt Remus, he’d try to make it up to him the night of the actual performance by being even flirtier than usual and carrying him bridal style and whatnot.

Regulus wouldn’t say anything and Sirius’d think they had a fun night and that it worked but the next day Regulus would pull him aside and say it was too late, to stop trying, that he’d noticed how close Sirius and Remus were during the show and didn’t approve, expecting Sirius to deny it, but after everything that had happened, he’d be done pretending and just say yeah, they were together and he was in love and unashamed (and maybe Remus would overhear and it would be the first time he heard Sirius say the l-word?), and oh god my feels.

[On a lighter note, am I the only one who can totally see Lily having a bit too much firewhiskey and sort of giving away her feelings for James? Haha.]

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i started imagining remus with glasses (since he’s the nerdy marauder) and oh my god it’s so cute!

they’d always be just a little too big and constantly slipping down his nose and even though he and sirius were trying to keep their relationship a secret, sirius would always think it was so endearing and adjust them for him and it would almost give them away.

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"Lupin hurried off to the portrait to restore calm. It was only after he had returned, closing the
kitchen door behind him and taking his seat at the table again, that Sirius spoke."
OotP is such a wolfstar book I don’t see how anyone can deny it. Every scene they’re both in, you just get this idea that they’re so in tune with each other.
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